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Health Insurance – A Preventive Care To Stay Healthy

Health insurance is basically a kind of insurance which insure the medical and surgical expenses of the individual who is having health insurance. The insurance type suggests that either the insured will pay cost out of the money and then it will be refunded or the insurer will make payments directly to provider. It is clearly notified that the provider is hospital, clinic, laboratory, pharmacy, doctor or health care practitioner while insured is the one who owns health insurance policy. In USA health insurance is a part of the employee benefit package and observed as the perk of the employment.

Types Of Health Insurance:

On the broader scale health insurance is classified into three types which are described below:

  1. Private Health Insurance:

In private health insurance the one who owns the insurance pay the insurance amount by himself. This type of insurance have no connection with the government.

  1. Public/Government Health Insurance:

In this type of insurance premiums are collected although the coverage is given by the state.

  1. Universal Health Insurance:

In this kind of health insurance all the medical services are provided free to the citizens without the collection of premium from them.

Basic Health Insurance Plans:

Following are few basic health insurance plans which are offered by various companies in different states:

  • Managed Health Care Plan

It is a health insurance plan which have contract with the health care providers and medical facilities to give the medical care at special prices.

  • Indemnity Plan

The insured is given a facility to choose any doctor which he wants. The doctor, insured or the hospital submits a claim for the reimbursement to Health Insurance Company.

  • Health Maintenance Organization

A pre-set premium is paid to health Organization, which resultantly provides a range of services like preventive care.

  • Preferred Provider Organization

It is similar to indemnity plan that the insured can get his check up from any doctor whenever he want.

  • Point of Service Plans

It is like a hybrid of HMO and PPO in which the insured can pick either to have general practitioner coordinate for his care or want to go directly to “point-of-service”.

Health Insurance Quote:

Health insurance quotes give an access to the most suitable health insurance plan for the individual. You are supposed to give the zip code of your area and then get the quote by giving your details and the type of insurance which you want. Resultantly you will get the most suitable health insurance plans for you.

General Benefits Provided In The Health Insurance:

The health insurance benefits vary from state to state but most commonly following benefits are included in all health insurances offered at different places:

  • Care for outpatient.
  • Access to emergency room
  • Special care before and after the birth of baby.
  • Prescribed drugs.
  • Substance usage disorder and mental treatment services.
  • Treatment of inpatient in hospital.
  • Lab Tests.
  • Services and the devices which will be helpful to recover from injury or disability and it includes physical therapy, psychiatric rehabilitation, and occupational therapy and language pathology.
  • Pediatric services for dental and vision care.
  • Preventive services to manage chronic disease includes screenings, counseling and vaccines to make you feel healthy.

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