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Activate GameStop Power Up Rewards Reward Card

Activate GameStop Power Up Rewards Reward Card

If you want to win Gamestop Rewards then you need to have Power Up Rewards Reward Card. You can get this card from any local GameStop store. After that you can use this online service to activate your card like.

How To Activate GameStop Power Up Rewards Reward Card?

  • Access this link PowerUpRewards.com/Activate to activate your card.
  • As you will access this website see the button “Activate”.
  • As you will press the button you will be navigated to the GameStop login page.
  • Enter your email address and password to login into your account and if you are new then you can register your account by click on the sign up option.
  • You can enter your personal and contact details to register your account.
  • After that enter your card number and choose the card PIN to activate it.

Where To Find Gamestop Power UP Rewards Card?

You can get two different kinds of GameStop Power Up reward cards:

Basic Membership Card: you can get annual membership of GameStop without any charges. You can use this card for purchases to win points on each spending. You can win discounts, rewards and exclusive offers.

Pro membership card: you can access GameStop to by pro membership card for just $14.99. You can make point score by purchasing at GameStop to get bonus, rewards and exclusive offers. You can also win GameStop Coupons to win discount on your shopping.

How To Check Rewards For Power UP Rewards Card?

You can login to your account to check your points to redeem your rewards. You can choose your rewards on your score.