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Register Bloomingdales Beauty Card Account

Register Bloomingdales Beauty Card Account

Bloomingdale’s My Account services provide it user with many benefits such as faster way to check in. After you have registered for the Bloomingdales online account you can get many discount offers and many packages for this registering process, which only takes 5 to 10 minutes maximum.

By login into your account you can have access to all the products available on the store and can buy it online or can marked them for further visit to the store. This account also helps you to check your purchasing details online.

How To Register Bloomingdales Beauty Card Account?

  • Open the homepage of Bloomingdales account by opening the link above www.Bloomingdales.com/MyCard
  • On the right end of the page you can see the ‘Register Now’ Button click on it to register.
  • Fill up all the personal information required for the registration process e.g. name, Email address, DOB, zip code, gender and at the end chose your password.
  • At the interest field option, tick it if you want to subscribe to the Bloomingdales.com for promotion details.
  • If you are willing to add your account then you can also attached your Bloomindales account.
  • After completing all the information as required click on the ‘Register ‘button on the corner end of the page for process completion.

About Bloomingdale:

Two brothers Joseph and Lyman G are the founder of the Bloomingdale’s and were founded in 1861. It’s headquarters in New York. Now they are working in a chain of departmental store all over in the united stare of America with having variety of product with increasing number of their departmental store. Its products includes number of things such as, shoes ,handbags, , jewelry, designer clothes, ladies’ accessories, home furnishings, cosmetics and many other garments products.