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Book For British Gas Annual Service

Book For British Gas Annual Service

British GAS UK has arranged engineer for you to pay annual service visit. You can book visit by choosing your free time when it is convenient for you to book this visit. Engineer will check your gas meter, your heater and boiler. They will give you maintenance inspection and fix technical problem if there is any damage.

How To Book British Gas Annual Service Visit?

  • Open this link www.BritishGas.co.uk/Booking and find the online way for booking.
  • Enter your booking code and postcode and next press the button “Book Now”.

How Will You Get Booking Code?

If you have just received your annual service visit reminder by the company via letter or email then you can see the code. You have to use this code to book online for annual service.

What If You Have Missed Annual Service Visit?

Unfortunately if you have missed your annual service visit then don’t worry, you can login to your account or you can register for online account to book your annual service with exclusive two hours appointment.

What If you have not received your annual visit letter?

If you have not yet received your annual service letter or email then login to your registered account at British GAS UK to check if your booking is due or need to request for booking.

Do You Need Online Account For Booking?

No it is not necessary for everyone to make online account to book for visit. In case if you have not received your booking code then you can create your account to request for booking.