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CU Reward Account Login

CU Reward Account Login

CU Rewards is basically a reward program which offers many rewards to its members. Being member CU rewards allows you to have an online account with which you can manage the points and earn rewards. It is actually a reward program which gives you reward in the form of free points against each dollar spend. More you spend, more you get the points and on the accumulation of sufficient points, you can redeem them. For keeping the record of your earned points and rewards you need to manage your online account. For how to access the account follow the given directions.

Members Log in with CU Rewards:

  • Visit the website by using this link www.curewards.com 
  • Now fill the login form to access member’s portal.
  • You would have to provide the member log in the first field of the form.
  • If you have forgotten the login, then click on the “Forgot Login?” link and then enter required details.
  • After that, click on the “Submit” button to get your login back.
  • Then provide the password of your account in the next field.
  • If you have lost your password, then click on the “Forgot Password?” link and enter the information needed.
  • After that, click on the “Submit” button to get your password back. After that, click on the “Login” button to get access to your member account.
  • If you are not a member, then click on the “Register” button to open the registration form. Provide the 16-digit account number, social security number, zip or postal code in the next field.
  • After that, then provide your email address in the next field and Conform by reentering it.
  • After filling this form, then click on the “Register” button to become a member of the company.

CU Reward App:

You can also download the mobile app of CU Rewards to get the detail description of how to earn the points and redemption methods. This App will be very helpful as you can log in your account from an app on your mobile device and manage the account anywhere.