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Create Your Fidelity Account Online

Create Your Fidelity Account Online

Fidelity Investments is a multinational corporation dealing with financial services and located in the State Massachusetts, Boston. In the current survey in December 2017, it is considered as 4th largest asset manager having the worth of $2.4 trillion under the assets management. Mutual funds managed by family and brokerage firm are being operated by Fidelity Investments. It provides life insurance, clearance & securities execution, wealth management, retirement services and provision of fund distribution. Where you are working with the company by online, by phone or by the person, they are confident to make things simpler for you. They are dedicated to providing you all kind of financial assistance for investment, pricing and financial planning.

If you are already a customer and get login access or want to create an online account, you have to follow simple and easier steps which are given below:

How To Create An Account At Fidelity:

·         In the start, go to the link www.fidelity.com and get privileged of its homepage with the help of web browser available on your personal computer.

·         On the main page, you need to click on “I Accept” and get directed towards a new page where you will see a Login portal, enter here your selected username and password to get logged in.

·         If you are new, click on the below-mentioned Orange button “Open an Account” to proceed further with account opening procedure.

·         On the next page, you will see multiple options for the opening of the account. There are basically two heads, one is for Retirement IRAs and second is for Investing & Saving.

·         You can select any of the accounts as per your need and requirement and click on the button “Open Now”

·         Next, you are required to follow the screen instructions and complete the process of account opening through the online system.

Other Features:


By opening an online account, you would be able to access the exclusive features of fidelity. It takes only a few minutes to open an account whether you are looking for Roth IRA, Traditional, Rollover or Trading account.