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Participate In Foodtown Customer Survey Online

Participate In Foodtown Customer Survey Online

Foodtown is a supermarket cooperative which is located in the northeastern United States. This company was founded by Twin County Grocers, Inc in the year 1955 and so far, they have made almost 70 of their locations in the different areas of the United States. All of their operations are controlled from their main operational office which is located in Iselin, New Jersey, U.S. Allegiance Retail Services is the parent company of this company. You can get all types of household products from these stores.

How To Participate In Foodtown Customer Survey Online

  • The company will highly appreciate your survey on their website.
  • It is necessary to you to visit any of their stores in order to conduct a customer satisfaction survey.
  • You will need a receipt slip, which you can get from any of their stores by purchasing anything from there.
  • Once you have kept the receipt slip along with you, then you will have to open the web browser that you often use and then go to this link in that browser: www.foodtownfeedback.com
  • After you have reached the official website of the company, you will have to provide some of the specific information about your visit to the store of the company to start your survey.
    • Now, you will have to enter the ID of the store which you have recently visited.
    • If you do not know the ID of the store, then you can find that ID from the receipt slip which you have taken from there after shopping.

Once you have entered the store ID in the vacant field on this page, then you will have to click on the white colored “Start” button to go to the next page and after providing some more specific information about your visit you can start your survey. In this survey, you would have to talk about the services of the company and also rate their products and services.