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Book Royal Mail Redelivery Request Online

Book Royal Mail Redelivery Request Online

Have you ever missed your parcel delivered by Royal Mail? Royal Mail Redelivery service is providing you a chance to book your parcel for redeliver if you have missed it for any reason. You can now access its website to enter your card details and to book a parcel for new date. Now you don’t need to go to the main office to get your parcel.

How To Book Royal Mail Redelivery?

  • Access this link www.RoyalMail.com/Redelivery to get this service.
  • As you will reach the page, see the button “Book a Redelivery”.
  • Open your delivery card to enter your details.
  • Enter the date that is mention on the card.
  • Enter your name on card and click on the button “Choose when we deliver”.
  • Next choose the date when you want to redeliver your parcel.
  • After that check details and make changes if you want and click on the button “Redeliver”.
  • Your parcel will be redelivered on your desire day.

Why To Book Redelivery Online:

Sometime Royal Mail can’t deliver you a parcel when there is nobody at home to get the parcel or due to wrong address. Company knows the need of every customers and it knows that is difficult for many of you to collect your missed parcel for the local office so, that’s why this online redelivery service has provided to you.

About Royal Mail:

Royal Mail is best postal service in U.S that is subsidiary of Royal Mail Group Limited. This postal service is 500 years old and dealing with millions of customers from all over the world. You can send mail and receive your mails online and also you can redeliver your missing parcels. Company is also providing business services and giving you collectible and gift shopping online.