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Participate in Thorntons Guest Satisfaction Survey

Participate in Thorntons Guest Satisfaction Survey

THORNTONS is a company which has a gasoline and convenience store chain in many parts of the United States. The company was founded on November 1, 1971, by James H. Thornton.

The head office of the company is located in Louisville, KY. The company has more than 180 stores in the region of Tennessee, Ohio, Kentucky, Indiana, Florida, and Illinois.

How To Participate in Thorntons Guest Satisfaction Survey

  • The company will take the guest survey to get the feedback of their customers about their services and products.
  • The survey is very important to the company as it is vital for their improvement as a company and they know what their customer needs from them.
  • After the completion of the survey, you will get a chance to enter into the company’s sweepstakes, from which you can win a lot of exciting prizes.
  • The eligibility criteria of the sweepstakes are as follows.
    • You must be a legal citizen of the United States.
    • At the time of entering, you must of 18 years old.
  • Now, for the survey, you will need to visit any of the stores of the company and also get a receipt slip from there as well.
  • You can get the receipt slip by purchasing anything from the company’s store.
  • Now, you will have to open the web browser that you often use and then go to this link in that browser: www.thorntonslistens.com
  • After you have reached to the official website of the company, then you will have to enter some of the information about your visit in order to go to the survey.
    • Now, you will have to enter the 17-digit code in a vacant field at the web page.
    • You can get that code from the receipt slip you have from the company’s store.

After you have entered the code in the field, then you will have to click on the red colored “Start” button to enter into the survey and after sharing some of your experience with the company you will be able to complete the survey.