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Access Certified Rebate Services To Check Card Balance

Access Certified Rebate Services To Check Card Balance

Certified Rebate Service is letting you to check balance of your card online, In order to check balance of card you must have card which has citi logo on the top of it. Once you are keeping this card with you, you will be given free access to check balance of your card anytime. All you need to do is enter the number of card in marked field and before that sign in to your website account. For more details you are required to follow stated below set of guidelines

Instructions To Check Balance Of Prepaid Card At Certified Service

  1. First of all you are required to turn your personal computer on and open up the web browser which you are using.
  2. When you have accessed the web browser then you need to enter official URL Link of website which is mycertifiedservicerebates.com into search bar of web browser.
  3. When you have accessed the website then you need to click on option of card balance which is located on the menu bar of website located on home page.
  4. This click will bring a new window where you need to find an option of “Get Card Balance” located on the center of website.
  5. Click on this button which will redirect to a new web page where you are supposed to provide your user name in marked field.
  6. When you have entered the user name then you have to add the password in next marked blank
  7. Now click on button of “Log in” to access your profile
  8. Once you have accessed the profile you will be given access to check balance of your prepaid card.
  9. You can also check balance of your pre-paid card in store through card machine or you can call customer service as well to inquire about current balance.

What Should One Do If His Or Her Card Is Stolen Or Lost?

If your card is lost or stolen then you need to call the customer service team and inform them about the stolen card and claim for replacement of card.

Does The Card Ever Expire?

Yes the card odes expire you can find out the expiry date of your card as it is imprinted on front of card

What Is Qualifying Tire Brand?

Qualifying Tire Brand is all about the Bridgestone, Continental, Goodyear, Hankook and Pirelli