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Login To Fair Point Customer Portal Online

Login To Fair Point Customer Portal Online

My Fair point is letting you to manage your account online. In order to manage your account you are required to have a user name and password in hand. If you don’t have any account then you can’t access your profile before accessing the profile you need to create an account by following on screen instructions of website. Once you have created the account you will be given access to manage your day to day transactions, delete transactions, update your status and view history online. You can perform all these operations by following stated below guidelines

Guideline To Login To Fair Point Customer Portal Online

  • To start the process you are supposed to turn your computer system on and open up the web browser which you are using these days.
  • In next step you are required to enter the official URL address of website into search bar of browser which is myfairpoint.com
  • Click on button of “Go” or press the button of “Enter” from keyboard to access the home window of website
  • When you have opened the website you need to sign in to your account by providing log in details.
  • Enter your user name in marked blank located on left side of web page. This is the user name which you have created at the time of enrollment.
  • After than you are required to add the password in next stated blank and click on button of “Log in” located at the bottom of log in section.
  • If you are a new member then you are supposed to click on button of “Register Now”
  • In next window you are required to click on button of “Start Registration”
  • You are supposed to provide the Account number in next window along with billing postal code.
  • Click on button of “Next” to proceed with the process
  • In next step you are supposed to do complete verification by following on screen instructions
  • Create your account by providing user name, password and email address in marked blanks.
  • Accept all terms and conditions and click on button of submit to finish the whole process

What If One Has Forgot His Password Or User Name?

If you have forgot your user name and password then you can get a new one by clicking on button of “Forgot user name or password” and provide email address to get new user name and password