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Access Account Now To Activate Your Card Online

Access Account Now To Activate Your Card Online

Account now is a website used by the customers of various banks to activate their credit or debit cards. This website is giving the facility to get many services like activation of their card to all the people base in all over the United States. Green Dot and Bancorp Bank are the banks with which the company is working and activating the cards issued by these banks.

The company is providing their services to all the peoples based in the all parts of the United States. The company has also opened a customer care center from which you can get any information and can also complain about any of their services. The people of the United States used the services of this company very often to activate their credit or debit cards online.

How To Activate Your Card Online From Account Now

  • If you want to activate your card online at your home, you just need to connect the computer or any other devices you use with a secure internet connection.
  • After you have connected the internet with your device, open your web browser and type in this link in that browser: www.accountnow.com/activate
  • Take the card along with you which you want to activate before starting the process.
  • There are two vacant fields located at the web page which opens after you entered that link in your browser.
  • Enter the number of your card which you want to activate, the number of the card in written in the card.
  • After you have entered the number of your card, you have to enter the CVV number in the next field.
  • Verify the information you have just provided in the above fields, then click the purple colored “Submit” button to forward your information to the company to process it and to activate all you have to enter some of the personal information more.