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IBank Barclay UK Online Banking

IBank Barclay UK Online Banking

iBank Barclay UK Is world class international financial institute. That is providing investment, commercial and consumer banking services. It is providing online banking account to manage their credit and debit cards easily by registering account easily.

How To Get IBank Barclay Online Banking Account?

  • Access this link www.ibank.barclays.co.uk to get your online account.
  • On the page, first tell “Who Are You” to get login into your account.
  • Next enter your membership number ( this membership number you will get in the post when you registered for first time to online bank)
  • Next enter your card number ( you can find this card number at the front of your Barclay any card)
  • Enter your sort code and account number and after that choose the option if you want to get remembered on the computer.
  • Enter the button “Next” and after that go for Confirm your ID step.
  • Next complete all steps one by one and provide all necessary details that you need to provide to get into account.

How To Fix Error Code 6?

If you are getting error for logging into your online banking account then you need delete your internet browser cache or need to update your internet browser.

  • If you are using IE then press CTRL, SHIFT + Delete and you will see the temporary files and click on delete.
  • If you are using Google Chrome inter CTRL, SHIFT + Delete to see the browsing history window, choose cache and press the delete button.
  • If you are using Safari, press CTRL + ALT +E and next choose the empty option.

Is This Safe To Save Your Login Details On Computer?

If you tick mark on “Remember me” then as you will click on the website you will automatically logged into your account. It is recommended to you that if you are using public computer then save your login details at it.