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Login To My Big Campus LMS

Login To My Big Campus LMS

MY Big Campus is letting you to enjoy online portal which is designed to provide complete access to the students regarding their quizzes, assignments, calendar of the year, storage of files and much more. My Big Campus is also offering various latest techniques and tools for communication via which students will get full assistance and right to upload material regarding their study online. They will also get message alerts or notifications and easy communication among students, parents and teachers. If you want to access your account then follow stated below instructions

Detailed Guidelines To Login To My Big Campus LMS:

  • You are supposed to turn your computer system on and open the browser which you are utilizing now a days. Once you have accessed the browser now add the official URL address of website which is www.mybigcampus.com into web address or search bar of browser
  • Now you are required to hit a click on button of “GO” or press the button of Enter via keyboard in order to access the home page of website.
  • Once you have accessed the website now you are supposed to find log in section located on the home page of website.
  • Once you have got the section now provide name of your school or find it in this tab by selecting the school name and zip code in marked fields.
  • Now you need to follow on screen instructions to find your school details once you have find the school details in next step you are required to provide user name in next marked field which you have created at the time of enrollment.
  • In next step you are supposed to provide your password in next stated field.
  • Now review the complete details and click on button of “Log in” to access your profile
  • This is how you can manage your account online. Now you can perform all academic tasks online.

What Features My Big Campus Portal Are Providing To Their Students?

My BIG CAMPUS is providing number of features on its official website as given below.

  • Activity
  • Drive
  • Reporting
  • Schoolwork
  • EDU Talk
  • Messages
  • Calendar
  • Profile
  • Groups
  • Library

What Do You Understand By The Term EDU Talk?

EDU Talk is group of the instructors which is fundamentally an expert instructive system. At whatever point you require any help with respect to training EDU Talk will interface you to educators on the spot.