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Access Your Account At My Clin Card

Access Your Account At My Clin Card

My Clin card account can be managed or accessed only if you are having user name and password with you. The user name which you have made at the time of registration together with its password. You can deal with all day to day transaction and services of My Clin card on the web. For more details you are required to follow stated below guidelines.

Detailed Instructions To Access Your Account At My Clin Card

  • To start the procedure you are required to turn your PC on and open up the web which you are using.
  • When you have opened the web browser then you are required to add the official URL link of website into search or web address bar web browser.
  • Link of site is given here www.myclincard.com click on the button of Go” or press the Enter button through keyboard
  • After getting to the site you are required to find section of log in which is positioned at the left side of web page
  • After finding the section of log in You are required to enter the user name which you have set at the time of enrolling yourself on website
  • Similarly you also have created a password at that time enter that password in next stated field and click on button of “Log in” located under these tabs
  • This is how you can access your profile now you can manage your card online
  • But if you are a new member then click on button of “Register”
  • Add your email address which you are using as your regular email address nowadays
  • Read all conditions and tap click on button of “register account”

What Is The Purpose Of Cookies In My Clin Card Account?

My Clin card will get an IP Address in ordinary time of operation through site. An IP Address is really a number which is assigned to you by ISP which is web access supplier keeping in mind the end goal to give you access to the web. Albeit in some cases MY Clin card account do get the IP address yet this is not used to reveal your own stuff to others.

In What Manner Can One Access Or Upgrade The Information?

One can update the data or information which he has given on site by marking into myclincard.com and do altering to his profile