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Access MyFlexOnline To Manage Account

Access MyFlexOnline To Manage Account

MyFlexOnline Account is letting you to enjoy various benefits for free. Once you have created the account of Flex or you have signed in to your account of My Flex then you will become able to verify all your elections benefits, you can view the account balance anytime and from anywhere also you can increase or decrease the spending of your plan along with facility to file claim through fax details or online. In order to avail these benefits you need to follow stated below instructions.

Instructions To Manage Your MyflexOnine Account Online:

  1. To start the process you are supposed to turn your personal computer or laptop on and double click on web browser which you are using.
  2. When you have opened the web browser then you have to enter the official link of website which is www.myflexonline.com into search or web bar of browser
  3. Now click on button of “Forward Arrow” or hit the button of Enter from keyboard to access the website.
  4. When you have accessed the website then you have to provide the user name which you have generated at the time of enrollment in order to access your profile
  5. After than you are supposed to provide password which you have created at enrollment time.
  6. Now click on button of “Log in” to access your own profile after than you can manage your account easily.
  7. But if you have forgot your User name or password then you can retrieve it as well. For this purpose you need to click on link of password reset and user name retrieval.
  8. This click will bring a new web page where you are supposed to provide your first name and last name along with your date of birth.
  9. Now enter the zip code and social security number along with displayed character in next stated field.
  10. Click on button of “Next” to proceed further this is how you can get a new password or user name immediately.

What Are The Pre-Requisite To Sign Up At My Flex Account?

In order to create an account at My Flex account one needs to have few things in hand. Without which the process of registration is not possible. List of those items are given below

  1. Your First Name
  2. Your Last Name
  3. Your Date of Birth
  4. Zip Code of home
  5. Creators of Account or SSN