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Manage Account Of MY Hanover Policy Online

Manage Account Of MY Hanover Policy Online

MY Hanover policy account can be managed online and all associated services can be availed only if you are a registered member. Registered members will be given access to utilize all insurance services either its personal insurance or business insurance. You can also make payments online with a facility to file your claims on website. If you are a new member then you are required to register yourself on website by following on screen assistance. You can get new password and user name as well if you have forgot previous one.

Detailed Guidelines To Manage Your Account Of MY Hanover Policy:

  • To start the process you are required to turn your personal system on and double click on web browser which you are using
  • After opening the web browser you are required to add the official URL link of website which is www.myhanoverpolicy.com into search or web bar of browser and click on button of GO to access the home page of website
  • After then you are required to enter the user name in given field of log in tabs. This is the user name which you have create at the time of enrollment.
  • Later, you need to add the password in next stated field again which you have generated at the time of registration
  • Once you had entered the details then click on button of “Log in” to access your own profile on website.
  • In case you have forgot your user name or password then don’t worry as you can retrieve a new password and user name through website.
  • What you are supposed to do is click on link of Forgot user name or Forgot Password located under the log in section.
  • This click will bring a new window where you are supposed to provide your email address and click on button of continue.
  • You have to make sure that you entered only that email address which you have given at the time of enrollment as a record to get new password or user name.

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