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Access Your Health Equity Expert Savings Account

Access Your Health Equity Expert Savings Account

 MY Health Equity account is letting you to manage your account details online. In order to manage your own account you are required to be a registered member on website if you are a registered member on website then you can manage your account easily. All you need to do is provide your user name and password in marked fields. Once you have provided these details you will become able to manage your account online. You can make changes in your status, view current status of your account along with day to day transactions and much more. In order to get assistance to manage your account you are requested to follow stated below procedure.

 Guideline To Access Your Health Equity Expert Savings Account:

  • To start the process you are required to turn your system on and open u the internet browser which you are using these days.
  • Once you have opened the web browser in next step you are supposed to add the official URL link of website which is www.myhealthequity.com into web bar or search bar of internet browser.
  • After that you are required to click on button of “GO” or press the button of Enter from your keyboard to access the website.
  • Now you need to search for login tab located on the home page of website. When you have found the sign in option you need to hit a click on it.
  • This click will bring a new window where you are required to provide all necessary details to access the profile account.
  • You are supposed to enter the User name of your account which you have generated at the time of enrollment.
  • After that you are required to enter the password in next marked field of text as required.
  • When you have entered both details you need to give a quick review to confirm the details after then click on button of “Sign in” to access your account.

 How Status Can Be Changed In Group Form?

The main purpose of form is the assist the members of an employee sponsor insurance plan to update when they made any changes to the status with respect to

  • Change in Address
  • Changes in Name
  • Add or remove the spouses and dependents
  • Changes in Health savings & flexible spending account