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File Your Claim To My Liberty Mutual Disability

File Your Claim To My Liberty Mutual Disability

My Liberty Mutual Disability is providing you an opportunity to file claim online. You can file claim for vehicle, home and for tools and resources. In order to file a claim you are supposed to have an account on My Liberty website. If you don’t have account then you have to register yourself before applying for claim. Process of filing claim is so simple one can do so easily without any pressure. One you have filed the claim you can view the details of claim, contact the representative of claim holders and much more.

Detailed Procedure To File Your Claim At My Liberty Mutual Online

  1. To start the process of applying for my liberty claim you need to turn your personal system on and open up the web browser which you are using.
  2. After opening the web browser you are required to enter this URL link www.mylibertyclaim.com into search or web bar of browser
  3. Now click on button of “Go” to press Enter button through key pad to access the home window of website.
  4. Now after accessing the home window of website you are supposed to find button of “Register” if you are a new customer else log in by providing user name and password and claim.
  5. When you have found the button hit a click on it which will take you to another window.
  6. You need to provide all required details as instructed. Enter the company code in first empty field as marked.
  7. Now in next phase you are supposed to enter some your personal details in few marked fields.
  8. You are required to provide employer name in stated field.
  9. When you have entered the employer name then you have to add your first & last name in given blanks.
  10. Provide your phone number along with email address as required.
  11. To log in you need to provide a unique user name and strong password in other marked fields.
  12. You have to select a security question and provide answers against each questions which will help you to retrieve your user name and password in future.
  13. At the end click on button of “Register”

How One Can Report Or Track The Insurance Claims Online?

One can easily track or report the insurance claims online with no pressure and stress. You just need to log in to your My liberty claim account or make a call at 1-800-225-2467 to report the claim.

What One Can Get After Filing Claim?

  • He can view his details of claim
  • He can contact other claim representative
  • He can attach photos and documents
  • He can view the details of payments
  • He can update his information