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Manage Your My Preferred Care Partners Account

Manage Your My Preferred Care Partners Account

My Preferred Care account can be managed and its services can be utilized only if you have enrolled yourself on website or you have logged in to your account. If you are a registered member then you will get most easy access to all useful medical services with valuable details. My Preferred care is valuable source with efficient features and details which will assist you to learn how to utilize the benefits effectively and get the most excellent services of care which you need. For more details you are supposed to follow stated below set of guidelines.

Detailed Instructions To Manage Your My Preferred Care Partners Account:

  • To start the process you are required to turn your personal computer or laptop on and open up the web browser by hitting double click on it.
  • Once you have opened the web browser then you are required to enter this Url address which is www.mypreferredcare.com into search bar of web browser
  • Click on button of “Go” or press the button of Enter through keyboard in order to access the website.
  • When you have accessed the website then you need to click on option of Log in in order to redirect you to log in web page.
  • When you have been redirected to desired web page then you will few empty blanks which are required to be filled up.
  • You are required to enter the user name in given field of text which you have created at the time of registration so you have to keep this user name in mind in order to access your own account.
  • After entering the user name in next step you are required to provide the password which you were using recently if you have change your default password.
  • In next step you are supposed to click on button of “Log in” to access your account.

 What Are The Other Services Which My Preferred Care Is Offering To Their Registered Members?

My preferred care is offering couple of services to their registered members. A list of those services are given below

  • The Enrollment applications
  • Newsletters services
  • Summary of all the benefits
  • Annual notification of all changes
  • All Dental plans
  • Unit of Social services
  • Services of Disease management
  • Guidelines for clinical and preventions