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Submit Pep Boys Auto Rebates Online

Submit Pep Boys Auto Rebates Online

Pep Boys very often offers the rebate on the products when a customer purchases them. The company designed an online platform for the ease of customers to check the rebates being offered on the products and then submit a rebate online. Being a rebate holder you can also check the status of rebate online. If you purchased any product having rebate then you need to submit the rebate online by following the procedure given below to get benefit from it.

Learn Pepboys Auto Rebates Submission:

Go through the given narrated instructions to complete the submission of rebate:

  • Now open the website of the company which you often use and then go to this link in that browser www.pepboys.com/rebates
  • After some loading, you will reach the official website of the company. Keep the receipt slip along with you before you start the process.
  • Now click on the blue colored “Start Online Submission” button to open the form.
  • Now fill some required information. Now enter the date of purchase in the first field of the form.
  • After entering the date, you would have to enter your transaction number on the next field. The transaction number is printed on the receipt slip which you got from the company.
  • After the transaction number, enter the register number in the next field of the form. The register number is also printed on the receipt slip.
  • Now in the last field, you would have to enter the store number. Now click on the “yes” or “No” if you have another receipt or not.
  • If yes then provide the other receipt information as well.
  • If you have clicked “No”, then you would have to click on the “Continue” button to proceed to the submission of the rebates.

Contact details:

Being a customer if you are having any issue in submission of the rebate then you can contact us at 1800-7372-697