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Order The Certified Texas Driving Record

Order The Certified Texas Driving Record

TEXAS TO GO RECORDS is also known as also known as MVRs. It is a record that provides you the history of suspensions, violations and all the other details about a person’s driving history. You can get all of your records online form this website. You can also create an account on this website to get their services. You can get a 24 hours’ services from this website.

How To Order The Certified Texas Driving Record:

  • Click on this link to open the website: www.texasrecordstogo.com
  • After you have reached to the official website of the company, then click on the red colored “Order Your Copy” button to open the required form.
  • Now, provide your certified driving record in the form to get a copy.
  • First of all, enter your information.
    • Enter your first, middle and your last name.
    • After the name, enter your mailing address.
    • Enter your street address.
    • Enter apartment number.
    • Select your state along, along with city and their zip code.
    • Now, enter your email address in the next field.
    • Enter your day and your evening phone number.
    • Select your date of birth.
    • Now, select your gender.
    • Enter the last 4 digits of your social security number.
    • Enter the DPS audit number in the next field.
    • Enter your driver’s license number.
    • Now, create a password of your account.
    • Confirm the password by retyping it.
  • Now select the delivery options.
    • Now, select an option for selecting a certificate delivery option.
  • Select the payment method.
  • Tell the company how to hear about them.
  • Now, you would have to enter the referral code in the last field of the form if you have.
  • After you have filled the form, then click on the red colored “Submit” button to submit this information and to get a copy of your certified driving record.