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Apply For Benefits At Texas Health And Human Care Commission

Apply For Benefits At Texas Health And Human Care Commission

Texas Health and human care commission is providing you an opportunity to apply for various benefits online. In order to apply for benefits what you are required to do is sign in to your account. You must have a account before applying for benefits. Once you have signed in to your account of Texas Health and human care commission you will be given access to apply for benefits. What if you don’t have any account on website? then you are required to create your account first by following on screen instructions of website. For more information or help feel free to read stated below guidelines

Detailed Instructions To Apply For Benefits At Texas Health And Human Care Commission:

  • First of all you are required to turn your system on and open up the web browser or internet explorer which you are using now a days
  • Once you have opened the web browser in next step you are required to add the official URL address which is www.yourtexasbenefits.com into search bar of web browser
  • When you have entered the web address now you are required to hit a click on button of “GO” or hit Enter button through your keyboard
  • This will take you to home page of website. Now you need to find out the option of “Apply for benefits” which is located at the top menu bar
  • This click will bring a new window where you will find section of log in. You need to provide your user name and password in marked fields.
  • Review details which you have entered above and click on button of “Log in” You will be taken to your profile
  • Now you can claim or apply for benefits online but if you are a new member then you are required to click on button of “setup an account”
  • Now click on button of “ok” now provide all required details as required to register yourself on website and later claim for your benefits online.

What Are The Benefits For Which One Can Apply At Texas Health And Human Care Commission?

There are several types of benefits for which one can apply on the website. List of benefits are given below

  • SNAP Food Stamp
  • Health care benefits
  • Cash Help for families
  • Long term care benefits
  • Medicare saving plans